This is the english version of my Railway homepage. I would like to provide a separate set of pages for each language, but I cannot translate all the pages. So be aware that some information is only reachable in german or on bilingual pages.
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What can be found here?

I am collecting information about branch-lines in Baden-Wuerttemberg (the south west corner of Germany), no matter if they are owned by the Deutsche Bahn, private transportation providers or railway clubs, standard or narrow-gauge, still existing or not and present them in an own project.

I am a member of a railway club, the Härtsfeld-Museumsbahn e.V. (HMB), which is presented in the largest project on this site.

The other projects present the branche line Ludwigsburg - Markgröningen, who's reactivation in public transportations is dicussed since many years, and the nearly forgotten model railway Löhmann-Präzix, which has been sold only for a few years.

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